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Travel through the world of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona, as you, a citizen of Japan, work together with other Chosen to save the world from itself.
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 Levelling Up in Persona: The RPG

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PostSubject: Levelling Up in Persona: The RPG   Levelling Up in Persona: The RPG I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 03, 2018 12:15 pm

Levelling up in this RPG is a choice.

You have lost the time constraints placed on you by typical Persona games...but now the choice of where to spend your EXP is placed upon you.

You will earn EXP as a currency.  Every time you defeat an enemy, gain a bonus amount of EXP, or defeat a boss, you will gain EXP.

Anything can gain you EXP if you know how.

This EXP will accumulate, at which point you may choose between spending it on levelling up to the next level (partial payments are allowed), or buying new items in the shop.

There is no max to how much EXP you can carry.

If you choose to level up, simple head to The Velvet Room, and post to the Level Up Request topic the amount of EXP you are spending and how many levels you would like to go up.

For example:

You have 100,000 EXP, you wish to spend 1832 EXP to reach level 20, and another 1978 EXP to reach level 21.

You post that you are spending:

1832 EXP for Level 20
1978 EXP for Level 21

You can find EXP requirements between levels by asking an Admin, OR by checking your Profile below the "Level" section for your immediate next level.
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Levelling Up in Persona: The RPG
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