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Travel through the world of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona, as you, a citizen of Japan, work together with other Chosen to save the world from itself.
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 Armour List | Imani Gorina Neo | XVII - The Star

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Armour List | Imani Gorina Neo | XVII - The Star Empty
PostSubject: Armour List | Imani Gorina Neo | XVII - The Star   Armour List | Imani Gorina Neo | XVII - The Star I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 27, 2018 4:28 pm

Tactical Chestplate of the StarwardenMk. IBody Armour22 EnduranceNone1 to 910,200Level RequirementImani Gorina NeoXVII - The Star
Mk. II52 EnduranceNone10 to 1912,800Level Requirement
Mk. III74 EnduranceNone20 to 2916,000Level Requirement
Mk. IV102 EnduranceNone30 to 3919,200Level Requirement
Mk. V128 EnduranceNone40 to 4920,200Level Requirement
Mk. VI161 Endurance10% Resistance to all elements50 to 5925,600Level + Clear Middle Trial
Mk. VII188 EnduranceNone60 to 6926,400Level Requirement
Mk. VIII216 EnduranceNone70 to 7932,000Level Requirement
Mk. IX230 EnduranceNone80 to 8932,600Level Requirement
Mk. X263 Endurance25% resistance to all elements90 to 9933,600Clear Final Trial
Mk. G304 Emdurance50% resistance to all elements10039,400Defeat Igor
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Armour List | Imani Gorina Neo | XVII - The Star
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