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Travel through the world of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona, as you, a citizen of Japan, work together with other Chosen to save the world from itself.
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 Ranged Weapons List | Olivia Mortensen | XIII - Death

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Ranged Weapons List | Olivia Mortensen | XIII - Death Empty
PostSubject: Ranged Weapons List | Olivia Mortensen | XIII - Death   Ranged Weapons List | Olivia Mortensen | XIII - Death I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 24, 2018 11:25 am

M1 GarandMk. IRifle66 StrengthNone1 to 91,000Level RequirementOlivia Mortensen
Mk. II100 StrengthNone10 to 192,800Level Requirement
Mk. III112 StrengthNone20 to 293,600Level Requirement
Mk. IV120 StrengthNone30 to 3911,600Level Requirement
Mk. V154 StrengthNone40 to 4916,000Level Requirement
Mk. VI208 StrengthNone50 to 5921,600Level Requirement
Mk. VII236 StrengthNone60 to 6928,800Level Requirement
Mk. VIII286 StrengthNone70 to 7930,400Level Requirement
Mk. IX314 StrengthNone80 to 8935,200Level Requirement
Mk. X360 StrengthNone90 to 9940,000Level Requirement
Mk. G390 StrengthNone10044,600?????????????????
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Ranged Weapons List | Olivia Mortensen | XIII - Death
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