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 Guns and Ammunition

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PostSubject: Guns and Ammunition   Guns and Ammunition I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 18, 2018 5:04 pm

While your ammunition is not limited in this world, you do have limits on to how much you can fire per clip, or per reload.

If you unload an entire reload in one turn, you must take the next turn to "reload" before firing again.  You may attack with other forms of attack, but your gun cannot be used again until the following turn.

This rule also applies to non-consecutive uses.  If you spread out the reload of your gun across multiple battles or fights, you must reload.  The maximum amount of times you mayt fire your gun consecutively, is also the maximum amount of times you can fire your gun in a single trial before needing to take one turn to "reload."

The limits are as follows:

  • Machine Gun: Up to 24 times in a single attack, but the more you fire the less accurate each shot is, and the less damage each shot does overall.  6 non-consecutive uses, but non-consecutive uses do not affect accuracy or strength.  Each non-consecutive use uses 4 rounds.
  • Revolver: Up to 6 shots in a single attack.  6 non-consecutive shots.
  • Shotgun: A maximum of 4 shots per load.  4 non-consectuive shots.
  • Sawed-Off Shotgun: Maximum of 2 shots per load.  2 non-consecutive shots.
  • Pistol: Up to 15 shots in a single attack.  Or 15 non-consecutive shots.
  • Assault Rifle: Up to 7 (x3 burst) shots at a single time.  Or 7 (x3 burst) non-consecutive uses.
  • Rifle: Up to 5 shots at a single time.  Or 5 non-consecutive uses.
  • Grenade Launcher: 1 shot only.  Takes two turns to reload.  x2 attack multilplier.
  • Slingshot: 1 shot only.  Takes one turn to reload.
  • Rocket Launcher: 1 shot only.  Takes three turns to reload.  x3 attack multiplier.
  • Bow: 1 shot only.  No reload cooldown period.  -25% damage.
  • Crossbow: 1 shot only.  One turn to reload.  x1.5 attack multiplier.
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Guns and Ammunition
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